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The 2000 Wolfy Lappland election was the last election in Wolfy Lappland, and was once again won by the Neutral Party.


  • Neutral Party - led by Bobby Bob. Wanted democracy to be replaced by a dictatorship ruled by Bobby Bob that remained as neutral as possible, and as benevolent as possible.
  • Neutral Democratic Party - led by Son Bob. Had similar ideology to the Neutral Party that Son Bob was once part of, but opposed a dictatorial regime, and supported democracy.
  • Norwegian Party - led by an anonymous leader who also ran for parliament in 1995. Supports Norwegian annexation of Wolfy Lappland, and sees independence of Wolfy Lappland to be pointless.
  • Lappland National Party - led by an anonymous local inhabitant. Supports renaming Wolfy Lappland to New Lappland, adoption of the Sami flag and renaming Norskermorsomt to a more "suitable" name.
  • Norskermorsomt Party - led by an anonymous Norskermorsomt inhabitant. Supports renaming Norskermorsomt to Wolf, and relocating the national hotel to Kornlandsby.


Party Votes/seats
Neutral Party 40/10
Neutral Democratic Party 30/5
Norwegian Party 1/0
Lappland National Party 5/0
Norskermorsomt Party 10/1
  • Prime Minister before election: Son Bob (Neutral Democratic Party)
  • Prime Minister after election Bobby Bob (Neutral Party)